Grease and polymeres

Grease and polymeres for rc drilling

A waterswivel connects the grease is used to treat drill rod and casing threads, to prevent corroding and galling problems on the string.

> Zinc greases

With <50% of zinc. Grey color. Densité 1,8. To use on the drill rods threads, in all conditions. Has the same quality than the plomb grease, without toxicity.

> Copper greases

With 25 or 45% of cuivre. Orange color. Densité 1,3 or 1,9. To use on the drill rods threads, couplings, bits, hammer thread, stainless steel rods, all pieces with high temperature (until 1080°C). These grease are very good to prevent the galling, for all pressure and temperature. These grease aren’t toxic for the human.

> Graphite greases

With 20% of pure graphite. Black color. Density 0,94. For all machines developing a torque of less 300 kg/m with useful pressure of max 1 ton.


Composition Packaging Ref. Technidrill
Graisse Zinc 30 % Seau 5 kg 30.3202
Graisse Cuivre 35 % Seau 5 kg 30.3201
Graisse graphite 20 % Seau 5 kg 30.3200

> Bentonite

The use of bentonite in drilling muds have several functions:

They cool and lubricate the cutting edge, drill rods and down the hole tools

The drilling fluid also helps to seal the hole wall and keep the hole at the diameter.

Carry the cuttings out of the hole.


In the world of vertical or horizontal drilling, the most sophisticated drilling fluids are based on bentonite. Bentonite is used mainly in sandy soils, or rocky land restored.


> Polymeres

The polymers can be produced in powder form or liquid.

Those main functions are:

-To stop the hydration of the clay.

-To increase the viscosity of the drilling mud.

-To eliminate friction tools on the hole wall

-To stop re-formation of clay after the passage of the tool.

> The foams drilling

They are used in a variety of soils especially when using down the hole hammer.

The foam allows the transport of cuttings.

Increases the power of transporting larger cuttings.

It maintains the extraction of air drilling.

Prevent soil from sticking to the tooling.

Prevents dust in the ground very hard.


Other additives:

Other products are also used depending on the type of drilling and the type of terrain, such as a certain type of detergent used for reducing the torque of the machine or for the hydratation opposition or dehydration of the clay.

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