Down the hole hammer


Please find bellow a range of available down the hole hammers for reverse circulation device.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your specific needs.


Our hammer range:

Down the Hole Hammer for Reverse Circulation applications

reference O.D (mm)



Back head thread



Drill bit size range


3R.MR116- 116 mm MR116 4"-4"1/2 REMET
4"-4"1/2 METZKE
121 à 127 mm
3R.MR120- 120 mm MR120 4"-4"1/2 REMET
4"-4"1/2 METZKE
127 à 143 mm
3R.MR132- 132 mm
MR132 4"1/2 REMET
4"1/2 METZKE
137 à 146 mm


For more information, please download our documentation.