Down the hole bits

Technidrill supply Down The Hole Bits, Drop Center Face Bits, Concave Face Bits and hard formations Bits.

Drop Center face Bits

drop center bits

Hole Ø
Shank ref Technidrilll
121 mm MR116 3R.5116121D1-
124 mm MR116 3R.5116124D1-
127 mm MR116 3R.5116127D1-
127 mm MR120 3R.5120127D1-
130 mm MR120 3R.5120130D1-
133 mm MR120 3R.5120133D1-
137 mm MR132 3R.5132137D1-
140 mm MR132 3R.5132140D1-
143 mm MR132 3R.5132143D1-
146 mm MR132 3R.5132146D1-


Concaves face Bits

Concaves face Bits

Hole Ø
Shank ref Technidrilll
130 mm MR120 3R.5120130C1-
133 mm MR120 3R.5120133C1-
137 mm MR120 3R.5120137C1-
140 mm MR120 3R.5120140C1-
143 mm MR120 3R.5120143C1-


Hard formation Bits

Hard Formation Bits

Hole Ø Shank ref Technidrilll
121 mm MR116 3R.5116121H1-
124 mm MR116 3R.5116124H1-
127 mm MR116 3R.5116127H1-
127 mm MR120 3R.5120127H1-
130 mm MR120 3R.5120130H1-
133 mm MR120 3R.5120133H1-
137 mm MR120 3R.5120137H1-
137 mm MR137 3R.5132137H1-
140 mm MR120 3R.5120140H1-
140 mm MR132 3R.5132140H1-
143 mm MR120 3R.5120143H1-
143 mm MR132 3R.5132143H1-
146 mm MR132 3R.5132146H1-