Pressuremeter monitoring unit

CPV Pressuremeter monitoring unit


Technical specifications:

- Integrated Chronometer

- New aluminum tripod with telescopic legs

- Probes numbered and referenced

- Aluminium monitoring unit with components set by dowel pins.

- Manometers 0-25 bars and 0-60 bars for the central membrane and auxiliary parts of the sheath

- Volumeter capacity : 750 cm3.

- Weigth : 25kg (including tripod, repair kit, funnel and hood).

- Built-in handle.

- Protection hood with quick hinged locking.


Monitoring units traceability

All our monitoring units are identified with a serial number including the production batch. Thanks to our database, we are able to follow up the evolution of our customer’s products such as any needs of calibration, repairs, maintenance .


Related services

Our factory in Chassieu (France) proposes:

- Manometer calibration, (biannual check or every 200 tests).

- CPV repairs (replacement of wear parts, miscellaneous repairs, complete installation of options.

- CPV rental - Training on site for pressio tests

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