Kodiak wireline core drilling rods


General introduction

Wireline drill rods for your standard and thin walled wireline coring applications:

• Cold-drawn seamless steel tubing of very high mechanical resistance, a steel of exceptional performance unequaled on the market.
• This exceptional mechanical resistance is on the full length of the rods.
• Straightness and Hoop Stress controlled tubing.
• Surface treatment on pin threads to prevent galling.


Available in several threaded ranges :

The standards rods (A-WL, B-WL, N-WL, H-WL, P-WL, P/HWT-WL,140WL).
The thin walled rods (BTW, NTW).
NEW generation of high performance WL rods.

And friction welded :
The heavy duty rods (70HD, 94HD, & KODIAK RR)


Some Examples:

Technidrill in SOUTH-AFRICA : coring made with our Kodiak + N-WL rods in 1353m depth for 2000m goal !