Environment action


The respect of the environment is an important element in the industrial strategy of Technidrill DGA. Each decision taken as to the management, the evolution or the modernization of the manufacturing plant is taken respecting the latest imperatives of better environment.

When we decided to improve our manufacturing process for the drill rods, we had an important question which was the painting of our rods.

Since 1989, our drill rods ALLIGATOR, were painted in black with a classical solvent painting.

In 2007 we took the decision to replace this paint awith biodegradable oil. The rods still stay protected against corroding but at the same time we diminished the *COV emissions, much less present than in solvent paints.

In addition to this the spraying is in an automatic system which minimizes oil waste.

We have also chosen a printer with the French Label ‘‘Imprime Vert’’: consist of choosing whitened papers without starch and printed with vegetable inks.

*COV: Volatile organic compound: family of the organic materials with strong evaporating power used in various industrial applications, as painting and solvents. The diffusion of COV contribute to the training of ozone at ground level (smog).